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  • Tilo Mathes

    Tilo Mathes

    science, technology, and bicycle enthusiast. serving the world of science for a sustainable future. community @ResearchGate . views my own. (he/him).

  • Akiff Premjee

    Akiff Premjee

    Knowledge is an intrinsic good.

  • Koula Callahan

    Koula Callahan

  • Emily Wade

    Emily Wade

  • Rohan


    Graduated(2012) from University of Windsor as a Computer Scientist and now working as Mobile Application Developer for BB,Android and iOS platforms

  • Dan Bodoff

    Dan Bodoff

    new runner, ex musician, podcast producer

  • Luke Wilson-Mawer

    Luke Wilson-Mawer

    Technical startup guy. @peerindex, ex Garlik, ex Gamesys. Working on this: http://bit.ly/1KuIfl1

  • Evan Dalton

    Evan Dalton

    Straight out the Suburbs.

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